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Sharpened up Scandinavian DIY skills.



Sharpened up Scandinavian DIY skills.


Cliffhanger crib concept…

Cliffhanger crib concept…


An Architectural Canvas of Shipping Containers Painted With Greek Gods by Pichi & Avo

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Cavernous Network of Repurposed Wood Tunnels at MAC USP by Henrique Oliveira

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira (previously) recently completed work on his largest installation to date titled Transarquitetônica at Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade in São Paulo. As with much of his earlier sculptural and installation work the enormous piece is built from tapumes, a kind of temporary siding made from inexpensive wood that is commonly used to obscure construction sites. Oliveira uses the repurposed wood pieces as a skin nailed to an organic framework that looks intentionally like a large root system. Because the space provided by the museum was so immense, the artist expanded the installation into a fully immersive environment where viewers are welcome to enter the artwork and explore the cavernous interior. Transarquitetônica will be on view through the end of November this year, and you can watch the video above by Crane TV to hear Oliveira discuss its creation.


João Filgueiras Lima | CAB Exhibition Centre, 1974 Bahia.

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The streets of Selb, Germany dress themselves in all primary colors. Read more. 


The streets of Selb, Germany dress themselves in all primary colors. Read more


jinbocho theatre

tokyo, japan


nikken sekkei architects

This is an integrated project putting together a 100-seat cinema, a 126-seat story-telling theater, and a 300m2 practice arena for artistic school on approximately 300m2 of land. To accommodate such a program bounded by narrow streets, steel anti-seismic diaphragms aligned to the planning height control planes enable both a light structural frame and maximum column-free space to secure seat numbers and create an external heat insulating skin. The black cleavage acts as both a heat expansion and rainwater-channeling device. The conscious lack of detail and raw material finishes reflect the nature of the actor as a canvas and revitalize the area.” - from architect’s website.

» precedent due to it’s beauty, introverted nature, creating the idea of mystery, iconography, allure and panelled exterior. This is a brilliant example of a monolithic mass creating introversion and mystery, not giving anything away in it’s facade but mere snippets of internal activities.

[got arch article]

[link to project on architect’s website]


LAU architecture students assemble emergency shelter with plastic crates + ties:
all images courtesy of students at LAU

read more about the temporary sheleters here:


House for Trees by Võ Trọng Nghĩa Architects

The aim is to return green space into the city, accommodating high-density dwelling with big tropical trees.